Pansys GmbH

Friedrichstr. 17

D-80801 München


+49 700 PANSYS 00

= +49 700 726797 00


Pansys, founded in 1999, has participated from the beginning in the conversion to the digital imaging and has covered all the steps related to the digitizing: analysis, installation, full service. The activity has been progressively enlarged to all the domains of the hospital-IT.

Besides the products being under its direct tutorship, Pansys has built strong partnerships after a careful screening of the products and services, and of the related pricings. The same attention is brought in the combining of individual products, when a project requires very specific features; in that case, the expertise of Pansys in the integration matters facilitates the matching of those different products.

The collaborators are physicians, economists, computer scientists, or engineers. They act in team and their collective background makes them able to propose the optimal solutions.

Pansys' spirit consists mainly of intellectual passion and creativeness, and the ownership of the company is in stable hands. That enterprise configuration prevents the risks of corporate deals like absorption or merger, presently frequent on the market but destabilizing the product ranges or the services and stressing the hospital deciders. Pansys provides a high stability of its offers and services.