Scanner of film-digitizing

A specific scanner, linked to a computer with appropriate software installed, procures the digitizing/DICOMizing of the classical films of radiology.
The offered models of scanner depend on different parameters: definition (number of pixels), size of the films, speed of reading, eventual automatisation of the process.

CR and DX

Switching to CR or DX is a crucial step in the evolution to filmless hospitals.
Such modalities reduce the expenses on films, and produce digital images in DICOM, able to be transmitted, postprocessed and stored.
As partner of some CR or DX producers, Pansys can include the supply of such modalities in its global projects aiming at a full digitizing of the imaging workflow.

DICOMizing interface

Pansys proposes an interface converting into DICOM, medical images or studies even having been initially either not digital or digital but non-DICOM.
That DICOMizing is done in a worklist environment, on such a way all the fields of the DICOM header are automatically filled by the appropriate parameters.