Pansys GmbH

Friedrichstr. 17

D-80801 München


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General enterprise

Pansys prepares, installs and supports global solutions of hospital-IT. The selection of its components is based on their quality/price rate, on their respective features, and on their ability to match with the other components that are planned or that are already existing in the hospital.

The global project management of Pansys cares of a coherent installation process, preserving the workflow of the departments during the installation phase.

Pansys takes care that the individual components having to be installed, will interact harmoniously with each other.

The guarantee given by Pansys for the global solution that it supplies, does not delete the guarantee given by each producer of individual component, but on the opposite duplicates that guarantee, and aims at enhancing the general performance of the global solution.

To use Pansys as unique channel preserves the hospital from the risks of any discussion between the producers of individual components. In case of any breakdown, Pansys has to take care globally, and to involve secondarily the concerned producer if necessary.

The economists of Pansys have created several financial models calculating the possible cost savings procured by the digitizing, optimizing the budget allocations by taking those possible cost savings into consideration, proposing to perform the digitizing through several financial solutions: ordinary purchase, financial leasing, lease-purchase, lease, right of using (by a monthly flat rate covering together lease, upgrade and support).
Some of those financial solutions require the agreement of a financial institution. Some other financial solutions are based only on an agreement between Pansys and the hospital without any third party intervention.